So, what's going on?

Recently excavated some ol' 'Li'l Death' t-shirts. Available now in the Gift Shop, when they're gone they're gone.


An ongoing project is illustrating Dommy B's poetry theatre shows for children - and the book adaptations of these shows.
There are four titles in his Dragon Series - Spark, the Goblin Wizard, When Trolls Try to Eat Your Goldfish, The Dragon Who Hates Poetry and Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Dinosaurs!, each full of poetry, prose, puzzles and pics.
Along with his latest publication, Best Adventure Ever! (which has a cover you can finish colouring-in yourself!),they are available from Flapjack Press and your favourite bookshops:

I Can Draw My Alphabet by acclaimed poet Tony Walsh (AKA Longfella) and Paul Neads is an early learner's poetry, picture and colouring-in book for ages 3+.
First published in 2013, it was re-issued in 2018 and is available now from Flapjack Press and bookshops of your choice:


Been a while since I've had some sort of exhibition - thinking about something for 2022...

Paul Neads